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The One Source Audio Response Teller (iTalk) is a convenient way for our members to access their account information 24 hours a day. In addition to checking balances, members can transfer money within their accounts, make a payment and much more. This service is free of charge to our members.

How to Get Started
- Step1: Call One Source
  From El Paso you will need to call 915.592.0223 or 800.532.0223 from outside El Paso to sign up for iTalk
  and receive your temporary password.
- Step 2: Follow the Prompts on iTalk
  Call at 800.462.2278 and follow the prompts to finish your enrollment. 
How To Use it
iTalk has two modes that you can use. The Expert Mode is the default mode that requires the use of the service codes on this page. The Menu Mode is the mode that offers you a list of choices and prompts you to choose one by pressing a number. For example, in Menu Mode, the teller may say: "For balance inquiries, press 1, for transfers, press 2. . . ." You can change modes by pressing 80# and then 1#. Then you simply follow the directions, using the account ID’s if needed.
If you have problems, call our office at 915.592.0223 or 800.532.0223 outside of El Paso and let us know so we can help.
Balance Inquiry Menu
10 - Share (Savings) Balance
11 - Check Balance
12 - Share List

Transfer Menu
14 - Transfer Checking to Savings
15 - Transfer Savings to Checking
16 - Transfer Savings to Loan
17 - Transfer Checking to Loan

Loan Menu
20 - Balance List
22 - Loan Payment Inquiry
23 - Loan Payoff Amount
24 - Loan History

History Menu
26 - Loan Payment History
30 - Account History
34 - ATM History
35 - Checks Cleared by Range
36 - Check Inquiry

Withdrawal Menu
60 - Savings Withdrawal by Check
61 - Draft Withdrawal by Check

Tax Information
70 - IRA Contributions
71 - Dividends Earned

Change Preferences
80 - Change Mode
81 - Change PIN

01 - List of Expert Mode Codes
Menú de Saldo de Cuentas
10 - Saldo de Cuenta de Ahorros  
11 - Saldo de Cuenta de Cheques
12 - Saldo de Cuenta(s)        

Menú de Transferencias
14 - Cuenta de Cheques a Ahorros
15 - Cuenta de Ahorros a Cheques
16 - Cuenta de Ahorros a Prestamo
17 - Cuenta de Cheques a Prestamo

Menú de Prestamos
20 - Saldo Adeudado
22 - Informes Sobre Abonos
23 - Cantidad de Pago Final
24 - Historial de Prestamos

Menú de Historial
26 - Historial de Abonos
30 - Historial de Transacciones
34 - Historial de Cajero Automático
35 - Cheques que se han Cobrado
36 - Informes Sobre un Cheque

Menú de Retiro de Fondos
60 - De su Cuenta de Ahorros
61 - De su Cuenta de Cheques

Menú de Información Sobre Impuestos
70 - Contribuciones a su cuenta de IRA
71 - Dividendos Ganados

Cambiar Preferencias
80 - Cambiar de Menú
81 - Cambiar su NIP

01 - Lista de Códigos 


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