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Catch the $ave Wave

Visit One Source FCU the month April and help us celebrate National Credit Union Youth Week™.

One Source FCU will show youth and teens how to catch the save wave at their credit union. Stop by our lobby for:

And remember, One Source FCU membership is open to all members of your family.
Open a SUPER SOURCE KIDS CLUB or a YOUR WORLD TEEN CLUB account from now until May 3, 2014 and you could WIN a family 4 pack to Wet-n-Wild! The lucky winner will be announced Monday May 5th!*

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*Members 17 and younger qualify for the contest!
Children can learn money skills as early as age 3! Here are just a few tips to help young credit union surfer savers Catch the Save Wave™:

* Have young children—preschool age—sort different types of money into piles by color and size.

* Play grocery store or credit union/bank. Help them use a pretend cash register.

* At the grocery store, let youth of all ages help you shop. Teach them how to comparison shop. For example, show them that for every $4.85 box of cereal, there may be similar brands on sale for half as much.

* As youth get older, let them know what things cost. Share sales receipts for items you’ve purchased for them and for bills you’ve paid.

* If you decide to pay an allowance, include youth in the decision-making process. Discuss allowance amounts and expectations. The amount is your call, but ask for their input. One idea is to have children set aside part of their allowance for spending, part for saving, and part for sharing or charity. Clarify what you'll pay for and what they are responsible for. For example, when you're at the movies, maybe you agree to pay for the ticket, but the Milk Duds are on them.

* As youth reach high-school age, reexamine the rules. Clarify what you will pay for and what your teenager is responsible for. For example, your teenager may want the newest cell phone that comes with a high price tag, so establish your spending limit. If she still wants the more expensive version, have her make up the difference. Oftentimes, once the responsibility of paying for items is on the teenager, the "latest and greatest" isn’t so important.

Get youth started on the right track financially. Bring them in to One Source FCU—we have more ideas to help you raise children to be financially savvy young adults.


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